The fear and anxiety went away

The fear and anxiety went away

Before Dianetics I had little self-confidence and certainty in life. An incident happened in my life that was very traumatic. I lost two friends who were very close to me to drowning at the beach. I was there when it happened. It was such a shock. It badly impacted my life and emotions. Negativity, worry, anxiety and low self-confidence was my way of life and I was not getting better.

This was my life for a few years. Until I came across Dianetics in a public Library and I couldn’t put the book down. It explained exactly what was going on and it had real answers to my life and my many questions.

So I went and got a Dianetics session. In the session we addressed the moment of the drowning. I was terrified. But smoothly, with well applied Dianetics technique, we came through the grief and terror and I came to a point of understanding. The fear and anxiety and worry, negativity all that was attached to this terrible tragedy – went away. Look, the tragedy happened and applying Dianetics doesn’t change that. But I had been living with that tragedy. Dianetics brought me to a point where I could confront the incident in full, and it released the pain and fear from it. It brought such stability to my life.

Before Dianetics I didn’t know why I did things that I would later regret. Whether letting important opportunities go due to lack of confidence, or fueling a fight, or any other negative things people tend to do and then regret down the line. Unknowing, I had little control over it. I was in the dark as to these answers. Now, I can say with certainty that Dianetics does have real answers to these questions. And that the techniques it gives can be used by anyone to bring themselves and their friends and family a greater peace and greater happiness. It isn’t a “think happy thoughts” or “try to forget about it” solution. It is a real technology that can be used in every day life.

I have greatly improved my confidence and zest for life by using Dianetics.

– K. G.

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