The Emotional Pain Was Immense

The Emotional Pain Was Immense

I actually found out about Dianetics through my girlfriend at the time. This was back in 1996. She insisted that I find out about Dianetics and I love her to bits (we’re married now) so I wasn’t going to argue. I went with her to the Dianetics Foundation that was on Commissioner Street then and started some beginning courses. They were ok.

However, my first experience with Dianetics counseling came a bit later when a student auditor [Dianetics counselor] asked if I wouldn’t mind getting some Dianetics auditing [Dianetics counseling] from him as part of his internship. I was kind of curious about this so I said ok and we got started.

I had a few sessions and they were quite revealing. Things came up from ages before that turned out to still be influencing me even though I had long forgotten about them. That was cool.

But then we hit something big and what followed changed my life.

The background of the story is that from a young age, my grandfather was a father figure for me and we were very, very close. However, he died and that terminal, that person I could always turn to was ripped away. The emotional pain was immense.

As time went on, I developed a father/son relationship with my uncle and I had that “dad” person back in my life. But that didn’t last long enough. He died long before he should have and once again I had to endure that intense, almost physical, pain that comes with losing a loved one.

These two losses had a lasting effect on me and, although time passed, the pain was only buried but never gotten rid of. It took the smallest reminder, even just the sight of something that belonged to them, to bring back the tears. Whether I was consciously aware of it or not, there was always this heavy weight inside of me that held me down.

So when these incidents came up in that Dianetics counseling session, it was the hardest thing to confront. I had to basically relive all of the painful memories that I had buried over time and never wanted to look at again. My auditor was amazing. He got me through it using the techniques of Dianetics and by the time we were done, I knew I was free of that pain for good.

How could something so simple, so quick, handle something so deeply affecting me? I mean, it took a couple of hours – literally resolved it within one day! I couldn’t believe it.

Of course I still remember everything that had happened but the pain was gone!

At that point, I knew I had found something different. Something practical that got results in dealing with real life situations. Man, it got more of a result than I ever expected!

I continued Dianetics counseling and some years later I attained the incredible state that is the goal of Dianetics – I attained the state of Clear.

Some people think that to reach this state means that you have no more problems. Well, that wouldn’t be life anymore, would it? No, that’s not it. Life still gives me knocks – that’s how life is – but it doesn’t knock me down anymore. I bounce right back at it and win!



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