The constant negativity left a damper on my confidence…

I grew up in a very negative environment and was made to feel like nothing I did was ever good enough. This started at a very young age where someone very close to me gave me a whole lecture about how useless I was. These incidents and the constant negativity left a damper on my confidence and ability for the rest of my life.

As I grew up this continued and I found it very difficult to hold down a job and just went through relationships irresponsibly. I felt like I was not creating the life I wanted to lead. I found that I did not really know what I wanted at all and pretty much felt like I was in a continual state of confusion.

I discovered Dianetics and went into the Center to see if I could get some help. I was given a personality analysis and the results really mirrored how I felt. I signed up to get some Dianetics therapy and also started reading the book.

Within two months I had noticed some very major changes in my life.

During one of the sessions I unlocked what I refer to as a trigger point which was holding the negativity in place. This in turn unlocked a whole series of things and once these had come to view, I noticed that I no longer thought of myself as useless and a failure.

Since that point I have found a renewed sense of purpose and direction in my life. Straight after I started with Dianetics I got a great job and have stable relationships. I am achieving things now that I wanted as a kid and teenager but was never able to do. I have helped others when in need and I find I can look people in the eyes with confidence.  I have also found that I am more alert, my mind works quicker and is sharper than ever before.


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