Over the Heart Break and Trauma

Over the Heart Break and Trauma

I’ve known about Dianetics for a long time. I really discovered Dianetics when I was in Pretoria and I was booked for the Dianetics Seminar, which I attended, and I loved the counselling I got. About a year after my first Dianetics experience I had a miscarriage, it was traumatic. I went back to the Dianetics Foundation and got more counselling with a Dianetics Auditor. It helped me get over the heart break and the trauma of it.

I had asthma since I was a young girl. I realized that Dianetics had the answers I was looking for when I discovered what was actually causing my asthma. Since then, I actually forget that I have asthma.

Since Dianetics, I can live my life better. Dianetics made me feel more confident about myself. It made me more confident about life, it made me feel more competent and less scared to face things that I could never have done before. It actually made me get over depression. I went and did Dianetics and I could actually face people and talk to them. I have been more myself.

There is a huge difference in my life since, I am no longer introverted and I no longer worry about what other people think of me. I am more confident about being me.

I have since become a mother and my baby is a very happy baby. I am sure that she is confident of who she is and I have raised her with the principles I learnt in Dianetics.

– S. F.

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