On Achieving Dianetic Clear…

I have been using Dianetics for years. Of course, I have gone through my fair share of tragedies and losses but I never got hung up on them. With the technology of Dianetics, I was able to fully and completely resolve those tragedies for myself and carry on living.

The most amazing experience for me was when I achieved the state of Clear, which is the goal of Dianetics. My perceptions sharpened, my awareness shot up and my personal ability did too. What I had not expected, but what turned out to be the best of all, was a huge resurgence of care and understanding for people.

It was after reaching the state of Clear that I decided to train to help others with Dianetics. I knew that I wanted everyone to experience what I did when I reached Clear and becoming a trained Dianetics practitioner, I knew I could help anyone achieve it.

Once I started using Dianetics on others, I was able to help people in situations I never dreamed I could before. I met a woman who had been hijacked a few years before and she was terrified of driving or travelling alone. As you can imagine, it was affecting her business and personal life. I offered to help her and after finding the underlying source of her fear, she never had it again. Today she travels all around the world and is a successful business woman. I know I helped her. There are so many examples there is no way to relay them all.

Having helped hundreds of people with Dianetics, I know without a doubt that Dianetics is the most effective way of helping oneself and those one meets in day to day life.  And the most rewarding because you see the results immediately!

S. A.

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