No Longer Stuck in Anger

No Longer Stuck in Anger

One day, back in 1987, I got a pamphlet for a Dianetics Seminar or something. So I went into the Dianetics Foundation and there I met other people attending the Dianetics Seminar and we all applied Dianetics auditing on each other and I thought that it was a great experience. I went home and I ordered the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. I read the book bit by bit and I would skip 20 pages, read a bit and then skip 20 pages (I wasn’t much of a reader).

I then came across the last chapter and I thought, “I better read this properly, since it’s the last chapter.” I read it properly and I understood it and it told me clearly that the best thing that you can ever do is to get ‘auditing.’ I was interested in getting more auditing and I went back to the Dianetics Foundation the following day.

I asked them for Dianetics auditing and the staff member there asked me how many hours of auditing I wanted. I asked him what the cost of 100 hours would be. The price he gave me was far less than I was expecting and I thought, “Well, I drink more than that out in a week.” So I paid for my 100 hours and they got me an Auditor and she started auditing me. It started off very basic and the questions in the session were very basic.

The first few Dianetics auditing sessions I got were okay. In each session I would recall incidents in my life, and after a while it was like watching a 3D movie! You see it, you hear it! You hear your mom talking; you hear your dad talking. It was incredible! I did more and more Dianetics and I easily did 100 hours; mostly because I enjoyed it.

As I was getting auditing I started to realize how much I was beginning to change.

Since Dianetics I went from being miserable, from ‘just-existing’ to being successful. Since Dianetics I’ve been able to know what I wanted and actually get it.

And there’s no question about it, I changed from being a difficult and aggressive person. I became this happy, laughing fellow. Before Dianetics I was getting into bar fights and I was in constant anger.

Since Dianetics and I have never looked back to those days.

D.H. Johannesburg

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