My self confidence was horrible. . .

My self confidence was horrible. . .

I was born at the end of the apartheid era, with my mother being white and my dad being black, this created a lot tension in the family.

My dad left when I was a baby and ever since then, it’s just been me and my mother. Emotionally, this really affected me. We came up through very hard times and it was a struggle. She had a few rough boyfriends and that didn’t really help.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by kids who had both of their parents and didn’t understand where my father was. My self confidence was horrible because I believed there was something wrong with me. I had a lot of self-doubt and fears and I never really felt like I fit in with anyone and this spread out to my relationships with other people and how I saw them too. This lead me to disaster after disaster and it got worse and worse.

Dianetics changed all of that. Through the counseling I received I got to the real reasons in my mind as to what my issues were. It was not an easy task to confront it but I was amazed at the simplicity of the process and the care with which the Dianetics counsellor had for getting me through it. It is unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced and you have to do it to see why.

I have become far more self-confident and outgoing. I now have many good friends and I am happy with who I am. That black cloud that was hanging over my head is gone and self doubts are a thing of the past. Most importantly it has given me the certainty of who I really am and where I am going in my life.

Try Dianetics, you will not ever be the same!

S. H. – Johannesburg

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