Life was complicated…

I used to suffer from very bad migraine headaches and I had allergies for which I had been receiving medical treatment for years, with no success. My mom had been suffering from migraine headaches for years and I was afraid I would spend my adult days in a darkened room with a throbbing headache – like her.

Life was complicated. I used to get sick all the time but, worse, I had no clear sense of direction. I was not very confident and I was searching for answers.

I read Freud. I read Psychology text books. I read anything to do with the mind but nothing made sense until I found Dianetics.

I got hold of a copy of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health just as I completed Matric. I remember going on holiday in December and reading Dianetics throughout my holiday!

Soon after reading the book, I went into a Dianetics Foundation and experienced Dianetics counseling firsthand. And it turned out to be just as good as I had hoped! So I kept going.

As I progressed with Dianetics counseling, the unbearable migraines resolved and the allergies I had been suffering from for years disappeared. Overall, life became much simpler. I became much happier and I found a direction for my life.

S. S.
Port Elizabeth

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