It Gave Me My Life Back

I came across Dianetics in 2008 when a cousin of mine brought a bunch of books with him to my place. One of the books happened to be Dianetics and I chose to read it. While I found the subject interesting, it wasn’t until a year later that I experienced the practical workability of Dianetics for myself.

I attended the Dianetics Seminar at a Dianetics Centre in Jo’burg. As part of the seminar, we learned to apply Dianetics techniques and then had to actually apply them to each other.

I always knew there was something holding me back, something in my past which I had buried away. With my partner applying Dianetics techniques to me, I uncovered a very painful incident in my past. It was not something I could deal with easily and without Dianetics I may never have dealt with it.

Shortly afterwards I noticed just how much this had done for me. I noticed that negative behaviour patterns and negative emotions that I used to have were no longer there. I used to distrust people, men, women, anyone. After Dianetics I could trust people again but most important to me was that I could trust myself again. My ability to communicate increased and the nervousness I used to have was no longer there.

Dianetics truly changed my life. It gave me my life back.


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