It felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. . .

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Many years ago, I lost my parents and anyone who has gone through a similar experience will know the impact that can have on one’s life, whether they want to admit it or not. Simply put, it affected my attitude toward life. The honest truth is that I was not a happy person and was, in fact, quite pessimistic about my future.

I became interested in human behaviour and how the mind works so I started reading up on these subjects. While I found a lot of titles interesting, some quite promising, I was still left with unanswered questions and feeling like there was something more out there.

Back in April 2013, I was walking through a mall and happened to go past a place where some guys in red shirts were promoting the Dianetics book. I stopped at their stand to see what it was about and a few minutes later I walked away from having bought the Dianetics book-on-film.

That night, I watched all 4 1/2 hours of the Dianetics film from beginning to end – I was riveted.

Those unanswered questions that had been with me for so long were finally answered in Dianetics. I couldn’t believe it.

Now that I had seen what Dianetics was about, I wanted to experience it for myself. Soon I was at the Dianetics Foundation in Durban taking up an offer of a free introductory session of Dianetic counseling. That’s when my adventure began.

It was not easy taking up the loss of my parents but with the help of the Dianetics practitioner I was able to work through it. In that one session, it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I knew something had changed.

Before Dianetics, I would routinely blame my failures on the fact that I had lost my parents. Things like, “if only my dad was here to have given me advice on this, I wouldn’t have messed up like I did”. It’s not that I would always say it but I felt it or thought it.

Since Dianetics, those thoughts are not there anymore. I know that I am the one who creates my own successes and my failures so I can take things as they come and I can handle them. These days, life is a game and, thanks to Dianetics, I am playing again and loving it.


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