It changed my attitude toward life.

Over the last few months, I have been receiving Dianetics auditing, and just as the book suggested, it’s been nothing short of an adventure.

With every Dianetics session I feel I resolve something major and game-changing in my life in a way that is truly incredible. Even though some of the things I’ve addressed were areas I knew I had trouble, there have been times where the areas addressed end up handling unwanted situations I wasn’t even aware of.

One of the most embracing changes I have had is in my general attitude toward the situations life throws at me.

As my mind became clearer and clearer, I became aware of the fact that until recently I had been very prone to react with anger. This was not something I ever considered as something I needed to change because it was “normal”, it was just how I dealt with things in my day to day life.

Through Dianetics, I became aware of the reactive nature of my interactions with people, and almost as soon as I’d spotted it, the problem vanished. In all my activities, from work, relationships with friends and family, I was constantly pushing people away because I couldn’t help but react in some way to them. It was completely irrational, but I wasn’t even aware of it until I received Dianetics. With it being gone, I feel the happiest and calmest I’ve ever been, and I no longer feel the need to avoid people from fear of how I might react to them.

Dianetics has given me the ability to look at situations and handle them in the best, most logical way instead of being reactive about them. At the end of it, I feel Dianetics has made me more “me” — I feel like I’ve returned to a natural state of being. Feeling angry all the time was synthetic and reactive; being happy, calm and caring feels more natural than breathing.

A. R.

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