In control of my life

In control of my life

A friend of mine introduced me to Dianetics because I was having a hard time coping with everyday life.

I walked into this building unsure of being helped. At the time auditing sounded like a make-believe thing and I just thought “Yeah, Right”. Little did I realise that it was a stepping stone to how I was going to feel right now, right this minute.

Today I am feeling vibrant. When I walk into a room I feel like the most vibrant dominant vibration in the room. I tend to keep on a positive level and stop myself from being negative. I’m constantly reminding myself to be aware of present time and I ask myself questions when I’m unsure. My intuition has started playing a huge role in my life. I trust my inner most feelings. I feel in control. I now choose things for the better good of all not just myself. I have seen changes in my life that are over-whelmingly wonderful.

I feel free, comfortable and at peace with myself. It’s a feeling that attracts greatness and an avalanche of abundance. I am in control of my well-being and that’s how it’s going to remain.

Dianetics has taught me how to control my thoughts. How to attract positive notions.

I’ve never been more in-charge and control of my life.

Thank you to my auditor.

– L. B.

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