I was completely lost in life

I was completely lost in life. I had no drive, no purpose, I was absolutely trapped. I had been doing drugs for about 10 years and I had done it all; I stole anything valuable from my home and sold it, I hung around prostitutes, pimps, convicts and thieves — anywhere my drug binges would take me. I had tried to stop for many, many years but I just couldn’t stop.

Then I read Dianetics. It explained exactly why I was behaving this way and it gave me a way out.

I went to rehab, got Dianetics counseling and drugs have since been a thing of the past. I rekindled my zest for life and my drive was restored. That was about seven years ago. I have since become a Dianetic counselor myself and I have counselled five people to the state of Clear. What a change!

Seven years ago if someone told me I would stop taking drugs and really enjoy life itself, without the use of mind altering drugs, I would have told them “take a drag of this and stop tripping”!

There is nothing like Dianetics.

I have my life back….and life is good.

K. B.

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