I Wanted To Help People

I Wanted To Help People 1

All my life, I had been searching for answers; answers to the niggling questions that I had about life and things I observed around me that didn’t feel right. That search came to an end 31 years ago when I bought a Dianetics book. As much as I disliked reading, I read the entire book in three days flat and have never looked back.

Now that I had found something that sounded good, appeared to actually work and seemed simple enough for me to understand, I wanted to use it. I wanted to help people with these tools I had found.

The first time I delivered a Dianetics session, I was extremely nervous. Here is this person sitting in front of me, having put trust in my ability to help him sort things out in his mind. That’s a big responsibility!

Well, it went alright and as I did more, I got more and more comfortable doing it. Very soon, I wanted to be really good at it so I signed up for the Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course. This course gave me the confidence to apply all of the techniques and tools available to help another person free himself from the shadows that haunt him. This was it.

It is one thing to “believe” in something, and up to this point, I really believed Dianetics works. It is another thing to just “know” something. As I delivered more and more hours of counseling to more and more people and got the chance to use what I had studied about, I gained that certainty and knowingness that one can only get from personal experience.

Dianetics is about healing the mind, not the body, but I am proud to have seen miraculous recoveries occur in people I have counseled, as a byproduct of addressing the mind. One guy had epilepsy but after some hours of Dianetics counseling he stopped having epileptic seizures and I don’t think he’s had one in the 25 years since. One woman had very bad peptic ulcers which resolved fully after some hours of counseling. These cures are not a guarantee and they’re not the purpose of doing Dianetics but they do happen!

There is no better feeling in the world that seeing someone come to his own realization that there is a way out, there are answers to the seemingly overwhelming “issues” he has, and knowing that I helped him see it. That’s why I love what I do. With Dianetics, I help people in ways no one else can.


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