I Overcame Anxiety

I Overcame Anxiety

What led me to Dianetics was necessity rather than curiosity or genuine interest. I had been suffering from severe anxiety attacks for a couple of years by then and it was literally destroying me from the inside.

There I would be, playing sport and just when I was about to score or win, the anxiety would kick in and I couldn’t go on. That would be the end of my game. It was the same with relationships. The anxiety would kick in and I’d fail.

Do you know what this kind of thing does to one’s self-confidence? How could I believe in myself?

I had no idea what caused it, what triggered the intense anxiety in me or even why I started getting it in the first place. All I knew is that I needed to do something about it. I needed a solution.

I tried yoga. I tried meditation. I even tried hypnosis but nothing worked. Why was this happening to me? What was causing me to react this way to certain things? I saw psychologists and all sorts of “experts” but no one could give me a real answer to these questions.

It was in 2005 that a friend of mine insisted that I try Dianetics. He was a Dianetics counselor and he seemed pretty convinced that he could help me get to the bottom of this. I had tried so many things already, why would this work? Well, I didn’t have anything to lose by trying one more thing, so I tried Dianetics.

I had a few Dianetics sessions with my friend and they were good but in one of them something big happened and I remember walking out of that session feeling different. Something had changed.

That was nine years ago and I haven’t had an anxiety attack since.

What can I say to that? Dianetics saved my life.


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