I felt a huge relief

I felt a huge relief

Since my early years I was not happy. I tried everything to find happiness but that just wasn’t happening. Something was wrong, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I used to be active and I was coaching netball at a school and something said “leave it.” The teachers of that school tried to offer me great opportunities but something kept telling me to “leave it.”

I started working after this and then once again I felt like something made me get this idea that I had to leave it. I had very good jobs over the years and I kept walking out of these jobs. One of my employers even tried to get me back to work.

I eventually started my own business and I kept feeling that I needed to be pulled out. There was nothing I could do to succeed.

One day a family friend took me to the Dianetics Foundation to attend the Dianetics Seminar. At the seminar I began to get Dianetics counselling and at first I was afraid because I had to confront painful experiences from my past. After my first Dianetics counselling I felt a huge relief. That night was the first night I slept without any nightmare.

After Dianetics I felt relieved from the chain of a miserable life. After Dianetics I could laugh, feel happiness deep down in my heart. It was the first time I could handle situations without doubt, fear or lack of confidence. I could talk about my past without getting affected. I gained back confidence that I had lost for years.

I have greatly improved my confidence and zest for life by using Dianetics.

– I. F.

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