I feel much more at ease with myself

I feel much more at ease with myself

When I first arrived at the Dianetics Center, I was not myself, I had a lot on my mind, I’ve lost a lot in life and had been abused mentally and physically.

My life was very destructive and I was not happy about many things regarding my mind and spirit. Now and then I will recall the pain I experienced as a child and immediately I would have a mental block.

While attending the Dianetics sessions, I managed to deal with the pain of the past, I managed to recall all the bad memories, their harmful effect on me was cancelled, and I felt a sense of belonging, of happiness and knowledge that I dealt with the pain of the past.

I feel free now, much more at ease with myself rather than a burden to others. The method is one-of-a-kind. The way the pain goes away is amazing.

Thank you so much to my counsellor. You’re very kind, caring and willing to listen to every question that I asked. Thank you again for your time, effort, patience and perseverance.

– D.M.

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