I did not laugh or smile easily….

Before I achieved the State of Dianetic Clear I was a very different person to the one I am since.

I used to be miserable about where I lived and how I lived. I felt like everyone was against me. I was uncomfortable around people and always hated the way I looked. When I spoke in front of people I would get a bad physical reaction which was very uncomfortable and all of my attention would be stuck on myself.

I was always very serious and did not laugh or smile easily.

I lived with a terrible fear that something was going to happen to my brother. There was no reason, I was just scared that something horrible would happen to him if he wasn’t close and protected at all times.

Bright light would also give me a headache and waking up in the morning was real hell. The sunlight would make my head hurt and leave me feeling like I was in some sort of a fog or a daze.

And I used to get a terrible sadness every time I went to the beach. I had a family friend — a life saver — who drowned when I was very young and the circumstances of his death were very upsetting to me.

After I had received some Dianetics and addressed the painful emotion attached to this I felt freed from the pain of it — I could remember the friendship without the pain.

Since being Clear I laugh and smile very easily. I can talk in front of groups and feel very comfortable talking to people. I don’t need to wear glasses to read anymore. I have become happy and confident since becoming a Dianetic Clear.


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