I could not get rid of the negativity…

At a point in my life for no reason I could find, things just started going downhill. Everything was an effort – just waking up and getting out of bed required a real force of will. I had to get up and so I did but I really didn’t want to. From there the day just seemed to get worse and worse. I knew my projects were going to fail and that things were going to go wrong. Even when things would work out as I wanted I found no joy in it.

My day was pretty much a series of making mistakes and getting yelled at. My two motivations were: 1) Getting through the day unseen and 2) Going to sleep so that I could be unconscious for a couple hours.

I would get headaches and felt tired and under pressure. I could not get rid of the negativity. It felt like things were dwindling to a deep bottom.

Finally my boss was fed up and arranged for me to get some Dianetics. As I knew something was wrong but didn’t know what else to do, I agreed to get it.

To tell you things changed with Dianetics would be the single largest understatement of my life. I had about 20 or 25 hours of counseling and found out why I felt so dead and then handled what was causing it.

It wasn’t that everything became a walk in the park – it didn’t. But Dianetics helped me generate the confidence I needed to start living my life and following my own path. I changed jobs (something I was terrified to do before) and family and friends started commenting that something about me had changed and that I seemed to be ‘more myself’. This was exactly how I felt and I was amazed to see how my progress was not only beneficial to me but also my colleagues, family and friends.

I have continued further with Dianetics since that point and am constantly amazed at what I am learning about myself and this in turn leads me to a more and more positive approach to life.

I am now achieving things I never thought possible before and am attempting things in life that I previously never would have tried.

I cannot even compare now to what I was experiencing before Dianetics. To think it took about 25 hours over a 2 week period is for me nothing short of miraculous.

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