I consider it my greatest privilege to help people. . .

I consider it my greatest privilege to help people. . .

I consider it my greatest privilege to help people.

It wasn’t always like that. I can remember being so introverted that I could hardly speak to people. Life was pretty miserable.

In Dianetics, Mr Hubbard states, “You are beginning an adventure. Treat it as an adventure and may you never be the same again.” Well, not so long ago I became a Dianetics auditor. And now I have audited many hours and many people. And I am definitely not the same as I was before.

People have let me into their lives – their very private lives – and told me things that they had buried. The very things that were holding them down in life, holding them back, stopping them from enjoying life more fully. There were times in the sessions that I wondered if the person would ever pull through. Some would hit the depths of despair, some would writhe in seeming agony, many tears would be shed. I followed through and persisted, they pulled through – every one. The tears turned to smiles of relief. Sometimes even their faces would change and almost invisible lines would disappear and the person would brighten in front of me. Surely, there can be no better feeling than to know that you helped someone with a problem they carried around for years.

For me personally my self-confidence has rocketed, my understanding and care for others has improved, my tolerance for my fellow man has increased. And I still feel I have more to learn and more to give – and I am looking forward to it!


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