I achieved my goals with Dianetics!

A story of a pilot who could fly again after one session of Dianetics

I discovered Dianetics quite by accident in 1967, but before I discovered Dianetics I had been a pilot in the South African Air Force. I had a serious car accident and I was then discharged for being medically unfit. My pilot license was taken away because I had double vision as result of the accident. I could only see a certain distance looking straight and if I looked up everything was double; If I looked down I would see double. If I looked at a lamp it would be double and if I looked down at my legs I would see 4 legs.

I was taken from flying duties and put at a desk. I was very unhappy because the only jobs I could get were at a desk. So my target was, “although the medical officer told me that I would never be able to fly again I would find a way to fix this.”

So I continued with life working these office jobs and one fateful day I met a Dianetics counsellor and he explained that there was another pilot who had also failed his medical inspections, that same pilot had gotten Dianetics Counselling and shortly after that he was flying again.

He then offered me the book called Science of Survival and I read it overnight and thought that Dianetics is what I needed. Soon I went to the Dianetics Foundation in Pretoria and I did an introductory course with them and that went fine.

I eventually decided that I wanted to get some of this Dianetics Counselling. I went to the Foundation in Johannesburg and a student auditor [Dianetics Counselor] asked if I wanted some Dianetics Auditing [counselling] I said, “Yes, sure!”

In the counselling session I ran out past experiences I didn’t know were affecting me in the present, I kept running these incidents and near the end of it I felt fantastic. I didn’t know what happened but I felt really really good. Then I left the building and I looked down at my feet and there was no double vision! I looked up at the lamps and, “Hey! No double vision!” I couldn’t believe it, and I thought that maybe it would come back, but that was the last day I had double vision!

I went back for my medical inspection and the medical officer said to me, “It’s been four times we’ve flunked your inspection, you’re just wasting your money.” I said that’s okay and I went along with the medical inspection anyway. I passed my medical inspection and the medical officer even said to me that no one was known to have properly recovered from this.

I reclaimed my pilot license and I have been flying from then on!

– A. M.

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