Helped Me Get Rid of the Self-Doubt

Helped Me Get Rid of the Self-Doubt 1

I was introduced to Dianetics back in the 1960s after my brother-in-law heard of someone lecturing about the state of Clear [an optimum individual that has no reactive mind. This is the goal of Dianetics]. I went in with him and attended an elementary lecture for five nights. It was fascinating and I decided to continue with further services at the Dianetics Foundation.

I was a young man back then and one of the most crippling inhibitions I had was that I could not talk to girls! I would get so nervous every time I tried that my knees would shake.

But then again, this wasn’t the only thing that worried me. In fact, I was worried by pretty much everything and anything, you know. Everything from my job to relationships, what people thought of me and what people said to me. The problem was that my attention was direct at myself, not out at the world around me.

I remember that around the time I got into Dianetics, I had a crush on a young lady who had no interest in me. It was devastating! I couldn’t concentrate.

Well, that was before Dianetics. Once I started receiving Dianetics counseling and began unraveling the complexities and irrationalities in my mind, I knew I wanted to continue until I was Clear. I wanted to be a Clear. Today, I am a Clear and those worries of the past areā€¦ in the past!

People who know me more recently find it hard to believe I was such a worried young man, afraid of talking to girls and so self-conscious about what people thought of me. I can talk to anyone about anything!

Dianetics gave me the ability to be me. It helped me get rid of the self-doubt and clutter that plagued my thoughts so I could truly live life to the fullest.


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