Dianetics Changed My Life

I came across Dianetics in 1960 and it absolutely changed my life for the better from that time forward.

I had no idea that the state one is in and the conditions one faces in life could be changed. I had the idea it was “The way I am”. And yet as an artist at that time, I was introverted and really unable to put my dreams into practice.

Through Dianetics I found out why that was the case, and got rid of the many real reasons for these unwanted conditions.

And the journey was fun, and I began to see the sun behind the clouds.

Today I am free of these barriers in life, and can honestly credit Dianetics with my success as an artist and in all aspects of living. There IS an answer, and through Dianetics anyone can find their path upward to the life they aspire to.

Robin Hogarth
Double Grammy winning musician
Johannesburg, South Africa

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