Dianetics always gets results

Dianetics always gets results

Back in 1989, I bought the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health at the Dianetics Foundation and I read it within a week. I was very excited about it.

In 2009, Dianetics was re-released onto DVD. I got hold of the How to UseĀ Dianetics DVD, and in it, it had a little booklet and I started auditing [counselling] immediately with Dianetics. It is very easy to do and you always get results with it.
You have the exact steps on how to audit and you can never go wrong. When I trained as a Hubbard Dianetics Auditor [counsellor] I had to audit people on every aspect of Dianetics so that I could get good reality on Dianetics and do it. There was this one guy who wasn’t really doing well in life, he had lost focus and he was getting terrible headaches which were quite debilitating and making his life a misery. I took this guy in and started a Dianetics session with him. Literally within 3 minutes of starting that session we found the root to his chronic headaches. And in this session we handled it within an hour and since that session his chronic headaches had vanished.

I had graduated as a Hubbard Dianetics Auditor and I also became a trained Dianetics Supervisor to train other Dianetics Auditors. I was also delivering the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar and one day a lady came in for the Seminar. She had experienced some trauma and it was so bad that she nearly attempted to kill somebody. She started the seminar and it soon became apparent that we were dealing with some serious stuff here. Her sessions ran for very long and what it came down to was that this lady had experienced three major losses in about six months and this was affecting her horribly. We ran out these losses and by the time we were done she realised she had literally gone psychotic. She was able to find what led up to that incident and handled it, since then she had been fine.

There was another situation where somebody had experienced a loss and had been traumatised by this loss and soon after her Dianetics session this loss was no longer a burden to her and she was able to move on.

When you look at Dianetics it’s a real miracle worker. When you actually go audit Dianetics it’s really an eye opener for what you can achieve. Dianetics procedures are not complicated and you can learn these procedures very rapidly and if you just follow the book [Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health] you will be fine. You can’t really go wrong with it and if you do go wrong you can fix it quite quickly and it really can get good results and it has really changed lives.

– M. C.

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