Most rewarding journey in my life…

I found Dianetics when a friend gave me the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health as a birthday present in 2001. I found it a fascinating read, specifically the chapters that deal with pyschosomatic illnesses. As a doctor, I had always observed that there is another element that determines a patient’s response to medical treatment. The explanation was a plausible one but I was skeptical. What put my mind at ease was the full description in the book of how the processing is done (because I wasn’t going to let anyone hypnotise me). I was reassured further when the book invited me to examine for myself the theories expounded, and if after examination I find them to be true then it is true for me, if not then it is not true for me. I just loved this — Dianetics does not belong in the field of blind belief. Armed with these two assurances I embarked on the most adventurous and rewarding journey in my life.

I trained as a Dianetics auditor and through auditing others and receiving auditing myself I examined every aspect mentioned in the book. I discovered the truth of it myself. Very early on, through auditing others and personally receiving auditing, I had the most fascinating realisation that when a person is under GA [General Anesthesia] it’s just the body that is anaesthetized, the mind and the spirit are fully aware and make a complete recording of the incident. Such incidents, moments of physical and emotional pain and unconsciousness, are fully recorded in the unconscious mind. These incidents are responsible for psychosomatic illnesses and irrational behaviour.

Dianetics erases the pain from such incidents and rehabilitates rational behaviour, freedom from psychosomatic illnesses and an enduring happiness for the individual. I have done this for many people I have audited and I myself have received auditing to the State of Clear.

Dr. N.S.

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